Compare and Contrast Hitler and Napoleon

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  • Published : February 19, 2002
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There were differences between Hitler and Napoleon, however I feel there were more similarities. They were both immigrants in the country they ended up ruling, both conquered most of Europe, both had radical views about fighting, and both were very quick in their fighting. However, the most significant similarities between the two leaders is how they were accepted as monarchs in a previously democratic society, and what they did for the countries after becoming monarchs. Hitler and Napoleon were accepted as monarchs for three major reasons. Both countries were hoping for the returning strength of the monarchy. The people of Germany and France were tired of inflation, and threats of invasion, and both militaries preferred aggressive patriots at their head instead of a politician. Both countries needed someone because they were both in economic chaos. Both men were intent in building a new type of state with a new social order. Both enjoyed the advantage of more or less unlimited power, yet they assumed this power very carefully and legally. When they assumed power they did much for their countries. They both pursued vigorous economic plans that balanced each countries' budgets, which had not been done in years. Napoleon balanced the budget in 1802, the first time it had been balanced in over seventy years, and Hitler managed to balance Germany's budget by 1938. Both men ended unemployment in their countries with nationwide projects, however, neither Hitler nor Napoleon came up with the idea. The programs of Hitler were proposed by Georg-Hans Reinhardt and Hjalmar Schact, and the programs of Napoleon came from many different people. By eliminating the economic crisis in their countries and establishing a feeling of national security, they raised national pride and patriotism to amazing levels. Both men also had similar radical views about fighting. Both called for a fight to the death when enemy armies were approaching, and when their...
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