Compare and Contrast History Essay

Topics: Laundry, Automobile, Washing machine Pages: 2 (876 words) Published: December 16, 2012
For this report, I’ve decided to compare and contrast items between the 1920’s and today. The first item I am going to compare and contrast is a washing machine. In the 1920’s, the most popular washing machine was The Safe Washer. In today’s day and age there are many different types of washing machines but a very popular one to have is the G.E Washing Machine. Both The Safe Washer and G.E Washing Machine do their job and wash clothes. The Safe Washer was made according to the best washing principles and used wringer swing locks, which were more convenient for washing the clothes. The machine was invented to provide help in the home. It was easy and safe to use. The purchase impacted society socially, environmentally, and economically. If you had one of these you were richer and had more money. Those who didn’t have a lot of money couldn’t afford this machine in the 1920’s and would have to wash clothes by hand or any other method. These washing machines affected the environment because they would use a lot of water and energy. The last impact of purchase is economic. To make these washing machines, a lot of factories and people were needed to build and put them together. It was good for the economy because it was getting people working and bringing in money when one of The Safe Washers was purchased. Today a popular washing machine is the G.E Washing Machine. Between the 1920’s and today, the washing machine has become more automated. The motivation for the purchase of the G.E washing machine compared to The Safe Washer has changed. Since our society has advanced and become more high tech, there is a need for bigger and better. There are many options that exist which include perfect temperature system, multiple wash cycles, child lock, etc. Today, the washing machines work quieter, quicker, take less work, easier to use and are much more convenient. The impact of purchase for the G.E Washing Machine compared to The Safe Washer has only changed minimally. They...
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