Compare and Contrast Genesis 1&2

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  • Published : April 1, 2012
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In Genesis chapter one verse two God was here on the earth, He hovered over water in Eden. God also began the process of creation, and began creating the earth. Not only did He create the earth, but He created mankind and animals. In this chapter it speaks of man being made in God’s image which is so intriguing. God created everything, but mankind is the only thing He created to be like Him. God gave us the opportunity to be in His likeness. Not only is that an opportunity, but it is an honor to know that God cares so much about mankind that He wants them to be like Him.

In Genesis chapter two God breathes breath into mankind, God is physically in the presence of mankind at this point. He did not come in the form of Jesus, but in the form of which He is, God. God is closer to mankind than ever before in both of these chapters. Also, God gives a test to Adam in Chapter two, which is not something that He does in Chapter one. Almost immediately after breathing life into Adam God gives Him work. I find this interesting because since the beginning God has been working. Adam is made in God’s image and he works almost immediately after coming to life. God not only made man in His image physique wise, but in all other aspects. One thing I learned from Genesis Chapter 2 verse 15 is that God has a standard for mankind, and that He expects man to take care of what He gives man. Also, in chapter one God was just with Adam even though God was a companion for Adam, Adam needed more. God saw this and blessed Him with Eve. Throughout these two chapters you get to see how creative God can be, and how much He care about mankind. God wanted Adam to be happy, and fulfilled. God had just met Adam in physical form and gave Him all the desires of His heart. I find this amazing because how often does mankind cater to the needs and wants of one another. To conclude, Both of these chapters summarize God creating the world, and show the reader how creative, considerate, loving,...
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