Compare and Contrast Essay with Cats and Dogs

Topics: Predation, Cat, Dog Pages: 4 (1516 words) Published: April 8, 2013
English Comp 1
Compare and Contrast Essay

Cats and Dogs

From my childhood until now, I have always been an animal lover. Over the years, I have owned lots of pets such as cats, dogs, fish, and hamsters. Currently I have one cat. Cats and dogs rank at the top of the most popular pets of today. Both of them have a vast number of similarities; however the differences between canine and feline are just as enormous.

I am going to compare and contrast the similarities and differences between dogs and cats. The similarities are innumerable, yet this holds true with the differences as well. First, we shall discuss the similarities that these two creatures share. One of the most obvious similarities between these two animals is that they both have hair and four legs. When a creature has hair, it belongs to the mammal kingdom. Their coats come in many different colors, textures, and lengths. Unfortunately, they both can have fleas, which is uncomfortable for both the pet and its owner. This means that they give birth to their young. They also drink milk when they are babies. Another similarity that these animals share is that they are domestic animals kept as pets. They also require love and affection from their owner. If you show love and affection towards these animals, they will show it back to you. Another thing that is the same in both in both the animals is that when you pet them, not only does it relieve stress; it gets dog and cat hair everywhere. They both give birth to multiple offspring at one time, which must be very hard on the mother.

The babies get milk from their mother and the father is the other nurturer. Now that I’ve explained about the similarities between cats and dogs, I will now discuss the difference between the two domestic mammals. One of the main differences is that the cats belong to the family of felines, whereas dogs belong to canines. Another difference is that dogs are pack animals so you should spend a lot of time with your...
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