Compare and Contrast Essay on Greece and Persian Empire

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  • Published : October 11, 2012
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The Ancient City-States of Greece and Ancient Persia were the two world’s super powers in 490 B.C.E. Although The City-States of Greece and Persia are similar by their education, they are different because of their political systems and military systems. They were similar and different in so many ways. The City-States of Greece and The Persian Empire had great educational systems. Both were prodigies in warfare and solving problems in their own countries. They had unbelievable ideas of warfare like the Persians lining up ships and putting planks of wood over them and marching 70,000 men across the sea, or the Greeks funnelling the massive army of Persians into a canyon were their numbers would be their down fall. Both of these were examples of the Greek’s and the Persian’s problem solving abilities. Greece in those times was not a single political entity but rather a collection of some 1,500 separate cities scattered round the Mediterranean and Black Sea shores. Those cities that were not democracies were either oligarchies, where power was in the hands of the few richest citizens, or monarchies, called 'tyrannies' in cases where the sole ruler had usurped power by force rather than inheritance. The Persian Empire was ruled by a king or tyrant that wanted to rule the world or keep the land under tight control.

In ancient Greece the military might of the Greeks resided in its infantry forces. The Persian infantryman was not as well equipped as the Greeks. The Greek infantryman went into battle in a well organized formation; carrying an 8 to 10-foot spear and a helmet often made of bronze. The Persian’s head was usually protected only with a cloth hat and a soft cloth that could be worn over the face to guard against dust. The Greek’s also carried a large sheathed shield made of bronze. The Persian’s shields were made of wicker with the occasional hide covering. The Greek’s wore bronze body armor in the form of a cuirass. Persian’s body armor was composed of...
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