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The minimum wage increase resulted in little or no decrease in employment. Increasing the minimum wage has no effect on employment. In the last seven years, incomes have grown nearly as strongly from the bottom to the top of the income distribution. And increasing minimum wages will help millions of Americans with their cost of living. All workers need skills and education to get ahead. Economy and workers without a high school diploma face difficult career prospects. The economic have affected on everybody life, and many people have lost their jobs and their homes. Economics permeates lives of all people in all places; it determines what an employer pays his employees.

And the mine issues is that the economic is slow on founding a job and the unemployment has been cut stopping unemployment benefits and the people that was getting unemployment will get 14 more weeks of unemployment. And in Georgia three thousand five hundred people have loss state benefits each week. There are 900,000 people out of work and out of benefits. Unemployed Americans who’s jobless and homeless will receive no benefits. Even more important than the number of low-wage employees living in poor household is the total of low-wage employees who are the head of poor households. While there is strong empirical evidence to suggest the increasing the minimum wage will have adverse employment effects-only 3.8 percent would go to single mother household as poverty becomes more a problem of house worked and not wage level anti-governed income policies that focus on incomes, such as the earned income tax credit.

Similarly, raising the minimum wages brings with it unintended consequences run counter to Aim of helping the poor worker. The role of the minimum wage is raising unemployment is well known everyone wants to see income growth boost the economic well-being of the working poor, but throwing many of them out of work is not the solution. The argument against the minimum wage is happen right now nothing has chance in the economic all Americans are suffering from no jobs and no money.

The economic have affected on everybody life, and many people have lost their jobs and their homes unemployed Americans whose jobless and homeless will receive no benefits it’s well known everyone wants to see the income growth...
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