Compare and Contrast Essay Between Sundry Shops Ans Hypermarket

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  • Published : February 11, 2011
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The 'Giants'
Written by Klik4Malaysia-1 Friday, 26 February 2010 12:21 - Last Updated Wednesday, 10 March 2010 12:53

Many of us have fond memories of walking to a sundry shop for a packet of sweets. Our parents, especially our mothers swears by a sundry shop whenever they need last minute items like butter or sugar or even canned sardines. Even in times of emergency, sundry shops has always been the problem solver for a packet of grated coconut for cooking or even drinks to be served to last minute visitors. It was and perhaps still is a standard feature of our residential landscape. It goes by many names; mom-and-pop shops, grocery shops, and provision shops all well known by the many of us thus giving it a streak of popularity. But not for long as the level of affluence and the degree of industrialisation and urbanisation has been the core agent of change in consumer behaviour - spelling out new modes and dramatic alteration in the retailing industry. The emergence and competition from wholesale outlets and hypermarkets has set a decline to the popularity once vastly enjoyed by these little shops in the neighbourhood. Coupled with supermarkets, consumers have a myriad of choice to choose from allowing the infiltration of the ‘cult' to seep into them. Other attributes to which needs a worthy mention are escalating cost of living and the dire need to stretch every single buck - an answer given in the form of lower-priced consumer goods in reasonable bulks by supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Succumbing to the invasion, several sundry shops have since shut their doors, packed their belongings and moved elsewhere to a place where the grass is hopefully greener. Typical choice would be a little further outskirt of town, well away from the mushrooming supermarket and hypermarket catchments. Tesco, Carrefour and the local hero Giant is the new mantra which many suspect, will be perpetuated.

The Shift It all started with a Dutch-German chain of cash and carry, Makro. It was well raved and flooded with people, flashing their Makro cards to gain access inside. Items were sold in bulk something which back in the mid 90s people were not very familiar with. They soon got accustomed but it was not well digest, yet. Soon the French revolution arrived, Carrefour with its first store in 1994. Same concept but only this time the bulk was more reasonable and well catered for practical household use. Then came Giant Hypermarket in 1999 and the British invasion in the form of Tesco in 2002 giving retail a whole new definition and of course success. Makro Malaysia however was acquired by Tesco and converted to Tesco Extra (mainly


The 'Giants'
Written by Klik4Malaysia-1 Friday, 26 February 2010 12:21 - Last Updated Wednesday, 10 March 2010 12:53

out-of-town hypermarkets). People were now flocking into these mammoth of a store, neglecting sundry shops. But what made these huge players so popular?

On the Economic Scale The one main factor which saw this shift of consumer interest is based on the economic scale whereby hypermarkets often purchase goods in bulk thus translating to lower prices for the consumers. They pay relatively less for a reasonable more thus saving them on time spent on that little travel of to and fro to get their household needs. Besides its practical as grocery shopping can now be well planed on a monthly basis, drawing on what they need and what they don't - how much of if is needed and how much they don't.

Supermarkets and hypermarkets are well apt with their marketing too, knowing the tricks and traits in the business which is well seen in the one of many creative ways they engage in attracting customers and subsequently maintaining their loyalty. Vouchers, waiver of parking fees and even collecting points which can be redeemed for a nice porcelain dish. Price wise they still rule over many sundry shops based on the simple notion that the rise of transportation cost affects them more than...
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