Compare and Contrast Essay Between Sundry Shops Ans Hypermarket

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  • Published : November 8, 2010
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Compare and Contrast Essays
Question 3.1: Hypermarket chains like Giant and Carrefour are mushrooming in many big towns. However, the neighbourhood soundry shops, for example grocery shops, still have a role to play. Compare and contrast the roles that the hypermarket and sundry shops play in the life of the community.

Nowadays, huge retail shop like Giant and Carrefour are growing everywhere especially in urban areas. Since then, the sundry shop roles become less important. Nevertheless, it still has a role to play in the life of society today. There are some differences and similarities regarding the role of this two retail shop in the neighborhood life at present.

The sundry shop such as groceries shop still has a role to play especially when the community needs to buy goods urgently and do not have much time to go to hypermarkets at the big towns. This is because the sundry shop are not situated far away from the neighbourhoods area and it provides consumers daily needs such as milk, sugar, and snacks which are used every day. Regardless, it does not supply the community with a diverse choice of goods like clothes and electricity equipment. Mostly, almost everything that are available at the groceries shop is from local product. Therefore, the community does not have other choices but to choose from the local product. Furthermore, the goods price at the sundry shops will be more expensive compared to hypermarkets as the owner did not purchase the goods in a vast quantity. Because of this, groceries owners do not get the cheapest price as hypermarket owners get from the supplier. If the groceries shop owner offer the same price like hypermarkets did, the owners would not gain profit in the business.

Hypermarkets offers variety of goods ranging from foods, toiletries, clothes and many other things which are available at the same place under one roof. Thus, the community...
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