Compare and Contrast Essay

Topics: New Orleans, Hip hop music, Jazz Pages: 2 (760 words) Published: November 17, 2011
Growing up more than half of my life in New Orleans, Louisiana and then moving to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I find that the distance of the two cities is so close. Baton Rouge is far behind New Orleans in many ways. Although there are some features of the two cities that are alike, there’s an abundance of differences.

For Instance, in New Orleans the food is full of soul. It’s compared to country food because of its fatty, tasteful, and very unhealthy, but it taste so good. A better word for it is Soul Food. Pickled Pork Tails and Tips are the most popular meats used to cook various meals in New Orleans such as Red Beans, Cabbage, etc. As far as music New Orleans is known for its traditional Jazz music. It’s more of a blues sound that comes from different instruments such as trumpets, trombones, and saxophones. Jazz Music is traditional in the city, and today’s music in the city is called “Bounce” which is nothing but hip hop music with a bounce beat to it. Lastly, New Orleans night life is full of fun. There is something to do every day of the week not just on weekends. The night life starts at around 12:00am and could last until 5:00am when the clubs and bars close. Since New Orleans is a party city the people are totally different from Baton Rouge people. New Orleans people are more about going out frequently to have a good time, spend unnecessary money, and compete with the next person to look good. They are so caught up in trying to live the “Glamorous” life that they don’t realize they are spending more than average and begin living beyond their means.

As far as Baton Rouge, the food is less tasteful because a lot of ingredients that are used in New Orleans are not sold in Baton Rouge that’s needed for certain foods. The spicy and Cajun food in Baton Rouge is not as spicy as the Cajun and spicy food in New Orleans. Certain Food such as Hot Sausage can only be found in as links but in New Orleans you can find both links and patties. Another point that...
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