Compare and Contrast Essay

Topics: West Coast Choppers, Harley-Davidson, Chopper Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: June 19, 2011
Harley Davidson vs. Honda
Melissa Milsaps
ENG 121
Professor Amber Smith
May 24, 2011

Harley Davidson vs. Honda
Harley Davidson and Honda are two different manufacturers which stand out for producing motorcycles that have been used extensively for long distance rides but they have lots of differences. Comfort should be a persuading factor for singling out the kind of motorcycle/bike to invest in and ride when taking long trips. Harley bikes are commonly ridden in biker rallies, they have a reputation for being sturdy machines and well-built. The price of a Harley is a lot more than the price of a Honda motorcycle. The buyer is paying for the name Harley Davidson within itself. The Harley was first built in 1903 in a Milwaukee backyard shed by William Harley and Andrew Davidson. Unlike a Honda, that came out in 1947 while the Japanese manufacturer struggled with building their company following the Second World War. The Honda is known for its speed while the Harley is known for its particular chopper style motorcycle sound. The Honda has what some people call “crotch rockets.” They are called this because the nickname verifies the fact that riding one is like sitting on a rocket. In contrast, the Honda is built with so much power and is a small object. While the Harley is a much heavier motorcycle, it is built for comfort, and has a large engine with loud exhausts. Both Harley and Honda motorcycles can stand out in a crowd depending upon someone’s preference. They both are motorcycles; they get you to your destination. A person that is interested in buying either can order one in the style of their choice. Depending on one’s

preference, they both can be customized to whatever will satisfy what an individual wants or needs. The famous Jesse James was the owner of West Coast Choppers, and he built his motorcycles from complete scratch, while Honda motorcycles were customized through a factory. He started with a flat...
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