Compare and Contrast Essay

Topics: High school, Education, College Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: October 29, 2010
Glendys Taveras
English 150 B
Compare and contrast essay
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What have you learned from your experience?
Both high school and college are successful paths to a better future because they teach life lessons that we’re able to gain from. Both are sociable and educational environments, and great challenges in which are valuable. On the contrary, college allows us to become more independent and helps to generate more focus on our career goals.

We don’t ever go a day without socializing. In high school and college we all are active communicators, some which are eager to learn and with great abilities, while others enjoy entertainment. We always find ourselves conversating about different topics either of common interests, dislikes or nonsense. By doing this we either form bonds or enemies. (@) I enjoy interacting with others, because it shows personality, manners, and is entertaining. I believe that one can learn from others just by trying. For example: Shy individuals lack self confidence which is important in the future, by communicating they learn to love themselves, while expressing their inner self.

Many students find it difficult to cope through high school and college. Because we are constantly tested by our knowledge and skills in different areas we become mentally and emotionally challenged. Stressed about the amount of homework given, what grades are being received or what we can’t comprehend, some students don’t attend class and or become dropouts; others repeatedly flunked though high school grades determine what college you’ll attend, and college their future. (@) I find college at times challenging because of the amount homework that we’re are given, becomes a lot to handle.

Through high school students are guided to success. Peers are constantly behind students to approve or disapprove whether they can do something or not and are very supportive when help is needed. Every thing that is...
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