Compare and Contrast Essay

Topics: International Harvester, Jeep, Internal combustion engine Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Competitors Just Can Not Compete

While there are many vehicles available in the world today I am going to touch base on two. The two vehicles I chose are for recreational use. When trying to decide on a recreational vehicle there are many things to look out for and I am going to do my best at explaining the three things that I believe are most important. The two vehicles I will be talking about throughout this essay are Jeeps and International Scouts. Two greatly appreciated historic vehicles that still live today. They are both also rugged hard working vehicles. Both jeep and scout have many similarities the most common is how they were manufactured as in the way they look. They both have many body styles alike as in trucks, what we know now as SUVs, station wagons, and even delivery trucks. In addition to their body styles jeeps and scouts are also both gas vehicles. “International offered a variety of engines: Scout 80 800 A B:1961 - 65 had standard: gasoline powered engine…” ( Both jeeps and scouts are also light weight as well. The year that Jeeps were first produced was in 1941 where as the first scout that was produced was not until 1959 as a competitor. “In the late 1950s IH began a design plan to produce a vehicle to compete with the Jeep CJ.” ( Jeep was first introduced as a vehicle, whereas the international scout was never used in the military. Since jeeps are still being produced parts are easy to come across while scouts last production was done in the 1980’s there parts are much harder to find and may need to be manufactured. “During the 20 year period (1960-1980) 532,674 Scouts were produced.“ ( Jeeps and scouts are both 4WD. This makes it easy to maneuver on rough terrain. “Jeep owners have long known that Go Anywhere, Do Anything.” (
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