Compare and Contrast Essay

Topics: High school, Boracay, College Pages: 4 (1170 words) Published: March 20, 2013
April D. Destura
Narration- narrate your very frightening experience

Facing in front of the people

When I was a child, I am afraid of face in front of the people. I am not go outside of our house, because I am afraid of rejection, I have lack of confidence on what I am. I am very shy on them even though in our relatives. I’ve got beauty and talent but it’s hard for me to express. My father always pulls me to join on the singing contest and for the sake of my father I obey him even though my inner feelings disagree. And it results losing in the competition, because I’m so nervous, but my father didn’t stop he always practicing me when he heard a competition. The time passed, I become a high school student, I’ve learned to get along with my classmates until we are became friends. And then I finished my high school and turn to another cycle of my life, because of our poor situation so that I can’t go with my next stage, college life. I work to the house of others to be their maid and I work to the factory for several months and years past that I decide to get married with my long time boyfriend. And I’d began active in their religion, a Christian born again, their Pastor train me to face in front of the people by join me in music team, being a preside, and later on, he offer me to speak a one topic. At first I’m very nervous, I can’t feel my breath and my body, I felt that I’m floating but in God’s grace I finish that with no mistakes. So I’m thankful to the Lord for giving me wisdom and knowledge. This is my frightening experience that I’m already encountered.

April D. Destura
Description- describe a famous tourist spot in Philippines
Boracay Island
If we explore the Philippines we found a lot of famous tourist spots and we are rich by that. We feel amused when they see them. We can make a relaxation of ourselves. And one of the famous tourist spot here in the Philippines is the Boracay Island. It is famous for...
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