Compare and Contrast Essay

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Compare and contrast Essay

The ancient empires Rome and Hans China played a vital role in the economic health of Europe and Asia with trade. They also did with the help of the bureaucracies. They both had similarities but they also had differences. Whether it was the way they traded or what they traded. The romans like the Chinese had vast trading networks. But they had different trade exports and routes. They both also had a bureaucracy that helped them through government issues. But they each had different ways in how people got into the bureaucracy. Romans had gentry’s while the Chinese had civil service exams.

The romans like the Chinese both relied on trade for their economy. They both traded in the Silk Road and traded in segments. Both their rulers invested in the construction of roads and bridges on the trading routes. While trading the nomads often disturbed them and also threatened them that they would cut off the flow of trade. They both even traded with each other, the romans traded for the Chinese silk. The Chinese traded for High-quality glass and gold-embroidered rugs from the romans. Trade dominated most of the roman and Chinese civilization’s economy.

Even though they had trading similarities, they also had differences. The Chinese controlled most of the Silk Road. But the romans controlled most of the trading done in the Mediterranean. Ginger, cinnamon and silk came from china. While various grains, olives, Olive oil, wine and grapes came from Rome. However, Rome was more aggressive with its role in trading in the Mediterranean verses Han China’s trade. Rome’s trade also led to more technology, culture, and general transfer of knowledge in areas surrounding the Mediterranean.

The political structures of both Rome and Han China were based on bureaucratic systems. These bureaucratic systems helped them get through everyday issues occurring in the government. They strengthened their control by...
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