Compare and Contrast Essay

Topics: Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism Pages: 2 (734 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Buddhism vs. Hinduism
Recent studies show religion derives from many sects of life. It has changed very much over time and has been studied more frequently through all of our lives. Religion is developed by the base of beliefs, myths, and rituals. In life many people learn and discover different religions that form their drive of which path to follow and how to set standards for others to view and relate to. There are several and many different kinds of religions some that vary into small and even large groups that set goals to follow the path of their leader and or founders and go to a higher spiritual place in achieving all outcomes through life.

There are several religions that are a main part of the world today such as Buddhism and Hinduism. Both are the most dominant and philosophical religions there are in the world. Hinduism is ranked to be the third structured religion and is way older than Buddhism. They share similar roots and philosophies as well as originated in India before the Common Era. There is no doubt that many still practice and feed off of Buddhism and Hinduism; these religions have survived for centuries. Buddhism teachings are based on the teachings of Lord Buddha who was once a Hindu, therefore this shows that Buddhism share many similarities and some differences in certain doctrinal ideas and beliefs, practices, and sacred texts.

In addition, Buddhism and Hinduism have the same practices, such as, meditation. They both believe that it will bring great sacredness towards Nirvana. In Hinduism, a worshiper cries out the syllable “OM” as a concentration and to attain another level of consciousness. Meditation is a way one searches for a deep awareness and connects to the sacred practice by using this technique. By chanting this syllable, Hindus get a feeling that this will draw them closer to the Ultimate Reality and within immediacy of the essence of true knowledge. In comparison, Buddha was one who felt enlightened through profound...
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