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  • Published : April 22, 2008
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Different Ways to Compare/Contrast Art History and Informational Technology Robert Nealeigh
Colorado Technical University

Susan Sampson
April 22, 2008

Different Ways to Compare/Contrast Art History and Informational Technology

In the essay that you are about to read, I will explain the differences in a compare and contrast essay on Art History and Informational Technology. I’ll be talking first about Art History and what we need to research, investigate and just plain figure out what’s different or the same in order to fill our essay with the information that will grab your reads by the “you got me!” button, and encourage them to continue reading. Then I’ll discuss the “more input-more input!” button that your readers will be pushing after the first couple of sentences. That’s because the first couple of sentences are the attention grabbers, the ones that make them hungry for more. Moving right alone to Informational Technology, I’ll be going over how we would write the same essay, but with a difference style.

With Art History we will need to figure out what the important facts are and identify them.

1.The artist, who is he/she or is it an unknown or a known artist? 2.What is the style or period did it come from?
3.The artwork, what’s its name or title?
4.What culture does it belong to?
5.What is it made of and what style is it done in?
6.What does the subject represent and what is it about?

Our next step in the essay writing is investigating the style of the artwork. 1.How does the medium affect the quality of the artwork or does it? What’s it size? 2.Its formal basics such as color, line, composition, style and so on, what are they? 3.What is the style of the artwork is it naturalistic, realistic, and abstract. Idealistic or a combination? 4.What is the lay out of the subject? How is it depicted?

5.The style, what origin is it? – Is it a mixture of cultures styles? Relating to cultural content, what is...
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