Compare and Contrast Essay

Topics: Sparta, Democracy, Athens Pages: 2 (436 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Emily Leadley
AP World 6th Hour
Compare and Contrast Essay

While both Athens and Sparta’s population growth and economic development caused political and social problems, Athenians relieved tension by creating a democracy government and Sparta created a government based off of military means. Sparta’s population and economic growth caused overpopulated city-states and land hunger. They reduced this problem with helots, servants of Sparta state. Helots were not free and could not leave the land. Their role in society was to provide agricultural labor and keep Spartans supplied with food. The helots soon outnumbered the Spartans so Spartans created a powerful military. Spartan education of military discipline was taught at a very young age. All boys left their families at age seven and went off to live in military sights. Here they underwent series of physical training with other boys up until the age of twenty. At age twenty they became active in the military. They stayed in the military until retirement which was usually around the age of thirty, then went back home to create a family. Women usually underwent physical exercises as well in hopes that they would have strong children. Women married around the age of eighteen but did not live with their husbands. Spartan society was based off of military discipline that could crush any threat. Athens democratic government was open to only free adult males but seeking to resolve social problems, Athenians opened the government to all citizens. An increasing amount of maritime trade brought prosperity to the region around Athens, called Attica. This brought wealth to the aristocratic landowners who owned most of the government. As their wealth grew, they increased their land and small farmers could not compete and fell into debt. This left a lot of unhappy people who wanted to start war with their wealth neighbors. In Athens, Solon was a mentor between the classed and made compromises with each class....
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