Compare and Contrast Essay

Topics: Florida, Palm Beach County, Florida, West Palm Beach, Florida Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: October 30, 2012
Crystal Connors
Professor McCray
ENC 1101- Compare Contrast Essay
30 May, 2012
West Palm Beach vs. Tallahassee
I have always wondered why so many people love going to West Palm Beach and Tallahassee. These two cities are not a skip and hop away from each other, but they are visited by many. These cities have been around for decades and share similarities as well as differences. West Palm Beach is home of many beaches, however Tallahassee has none. What they do have in common is they both are located in Florida, and both cities have are homed to many tourist.

For starters, West Palm Beach is the largest county in the state of Florida. Many citizens love to visit the city. It has numerous of beaches to go to if you are looking to have a nice time. Each holiday a lot of family and friends gather at these beaches to have fun in the sun. Another thing about this city is, it has no hills and majority of the roads are flat. What also makes this city big is Palm Beach Atlantic University and Florida Atlantic University. These are the two biggest universities in the county, and numerous residents attend their home games. What also makes West Palm Beach different from Tallahassee is I-95; this is the main express way people use to get back and forth to get to work along with Tri-Rail. West Palm Beach also has many places of interest such as, Lion Country Safari, Kravis Center and more. Not to mention its home of the Florida Marlins and Palm Beach Cardinals, who share the same stadium Roger Dean.

Moving along, Tallahassee on the other hand has one too many hills. While driving on the highway and you notice a hill, therefore you know you are in Tallahassee. What also makes Tallahassee different from West Palm Beach is it is the capital. Tallahassee is the capital of Florida and several citizens visit the capital to see what it is like. A lot of paper work goes through the capital before it’s shipped out to the head person in charge. Moving along, two of the...
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