Compare and Contrast Essay

Topics: Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Extinction, Resident Evil: Apocalypse Pages: 4 (1147 words) Published: July 15, 2012
Compare & Contrast Essay
Victoria Riley
February 25, 2012
Dr. Jackie E. Smalls

Compare & Contrast Essay
The zombie apocalypse is coming, The Walking Dead series and Resident Evil movies have played into the public’s fear of turning into the living dead. Over the past 20 years the horror genre of movies and television has exceptionally rose in popularity. Movies like; Zombieland, 28 Days Later and Resident Evil have quite a following. “Television has started recently following this trend as well, by airing shows like The Walking Dead.”³ Television has filled a wide gap by filling the horror genre that was so absent in television. The reason these series have grown so vastly in a short amount of time is the rise of interest in the “end of times”. This genre is so popular is because it is truly terrifying to think our family, friends and neighbors could succumb to an infection that turns them into a walking dead person, whose only concern is eating the living.

Both The Walking Dead and Resident Evil series are in the horror genre. They are both set in a post-apocalyptic situation, where the characters must survive the onset of zombies or walkers. The Walking Dead has not yet discussed what causes the infection or reason for the walkers. Whereas, the Resident Evil series goes into excessive detail about the virus and zombies. While both entertainment series have a great deal in common, there are more differences. The Walking Dead is a new series; it premiered last year in 2011. The first Resident Evil movie premiered in 2002. The Walking Dead is a television series and Resident Evil is a movie series. The heroes differ in sex and while The Walking Dead has walkers, it stays insipidly normal - there are no super humans or mutated monsters like in the Resident Evil series.

As with every show or movie there is one main character that tends to save the day. In The Walking Dead the hero is Rick Grimes....
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