Compare and Contrast Essay

Topics: Need, Volunteering, Volunteer Pages: 2 (757 words) Published: June 2, 2012
Working and volunteering are different but both have an impact on people and communities throughout the world.

Work is needed to provide a person with basic needs to provide for themselves and even for their family. Many people have a job to meet these needs by staying focused on what they need to achieve to stay with that employer. A person may have a job just to meet those needs but are not happy with that job. Individuals feel obligated to stay due to unemployment problems and would further complicate their lives if they just quit their jobs. When I worked in a photo lab I developed pictures for customers and also helped in retouching pictures that were damaged in color. This left an impact because the customer was happy that one of their memories was restored. Unfortunately, you are forgotten very quickly there because technology has advanced in the photography business. However, there were times where customers were not happy with the product they got and would complain. There were times were altercations took place but it was my job to ensure customer satisfaction. Work is a job that ultimately you get paid for your services unlike volunteer work.

Volunteering is similar to work but very different. This is because in volunteering the person does not receive a paycheck to accomplish the work that is needed to be done. The similarity is that an action is taking place no matter if you get paid or not. Many organizations even individuals need help. There are volunteer jobs that just require you to have genuine empathy for those in need. For example, New Orleans is in need of volunteers because of what happened with Hurricane Katrina. Many things were destroyed and many people died, but they are rebuilding and hopefully within time they will succeed in rebuilding. It is not just the rebuilding that needs to be done. Volunteering leaves the individual with a comforting satisfaction that they helped those in need. Unfortunately, not every one can do...
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