Compare and Contrast Enrollment Problem at Tup Manila for Sy: 2009 and 2012

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  • Published : September 23, 2012
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“Compare and Contrast Enrolment Problems at TUP Manila for School year: 2009-2012”


Nowadays the students are becoming aware and aware of the kind and quality of enrolment that they experienced since the first time that they enrol at a certain school. Impression of the students with that school last until they graduated. This challenges the administration of the school to perform or to evaluate things, especially the common problems that they had on their enrolment system.

Background of the study

The research objective is to compare the enrolment problems that take place for the school year 2009 and 2012 at TUP Manila campus. This research answer the following question: 1) What is the waiting period of students 2) What are the progress between the year 2009 & 2012. 3) What can be done to furnish more this process?

The following variables predicted the problems occurring at the enrolment procedures.

Significant of the study

Its purpose is to be an eye opener on the side of the administration for them to ride with this fast phase & busy industry, and to have this positive impression coming from the student. Resulting to a fast and competitive enrolment system.

Limitation and Scope of the study

The scope of this research comes with an interviews and survey on a certain number of the student &faculty members of the school and limits itself not to go on the budget side problems.

Definition of Terms

Administration- is the persons who are in charge of administering and implementing the rules and regulation on a given society.

Enrolment System- refers to the step by step process of enrolment.