Compare and Contrast Education Between the First and Last Period

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  • Published : October 26, 2009
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During the period of 1944 and 1947 a series of Education Acts were enforced in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. England and Wales was the first to implement it in 1944, Scotland in 1945 and lastly Northern Ireland in 1947. As quoted by Bob Morris, ‘The Education Act 1944 became something of a milestone in modern educational history ( B Morris 1990). With the support of unions in England and Wales it was imperative that there was a ‘drastic recasting of educational system’ (Giles 1946) required.

Through the Education Act, education was organized into three sectors- primary, secondary and further education. It remains the same to this day. The school leaving age was altered to 15 and then to 16 years of age. By doing this in present day it has given young people more opportunities for a better education, regardless of their situation.

During the first period free medicals, free milk and free school lunches were provided. Now it extends to free breakfast clubs and for a fee after school clubs in some primary schools.

Unfortunately comparing Nursery provision to the first period to the last period, the provision wasn’t thought necessary, all due to lack of funding. Luckily, this changed for the positive during 1997 and 1999 when the National Curriculum was reviewed. So, from 2000 the National Curriculum was implemented by the National Assembly. Six areas of learning was to be assessed- although still wasn’t compulsory for pre-school age children. As there is now funding and support of staff, unlike during the first period since the Foundation Phase stated in 2008 that ‘ it should provide a suitable and integrated approach for young children’s learning’ ( Welsh Assembly Government).

A new revised National Curriculum was written in January 2008, as the Foundation Phase didn’t include beyond key stage 1. Children from the National Curriculum to present finally had a structured framework, a far cry from the unstipulated education during the...
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