Compare and Contrast Ece Theorists

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  • Published : November 28, 2011
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Compare and Contrast ECE Theorists

Compare and Contrast ECE Theorists
There are many things to consider in discussing how children develop and learn; this paper will examine three theorists’ thoughts on this matter. One of the most well-known early childhood theorists is, Jean Piaget with his theory of cognitive development. Next is Howard Gardner who first took his theory from Piaget’s basis but developed it further into the theory of multiple intelligences. The final theorist to be covered is Lev Vygotsky and his theory of language development. Jean Piaget worked with Alfred Binet in an experimental laboratory on intelligence tests; through this experience, he became intrigued by children’s wrong answers and the pattern of inaccuracies associated to children within the same age range. He began to form a theory that young children think differently than older children or adults. (Driscoll & Nagel, 2008, p. 69) Piaget is most known for his stages of development, stating that all children go through four universal stages of development in a sequential order. (Driscoll & Nagel, 2008, p. 70) Piaget believed that children are innately curious and learn by actively constructing knowledge from the world around them. Through Piaget’s theory the importance of play and providing age-appropriate activities have become a foundation to early childhood educators. Piaget’s work laid a foundation for other cognitive theorists to pick up where he left off, even though he did not have access to intricate knowledge of the precise process of brain development that is now known. Dr. Howard Gardner, a professor of education at Harvard University picked up Piaget’s theory began further developing it, until he became doubtful of general stages and structures. For example a child with significant developmental delays would not progress through the stages of development in the same ways a typical child would. Gardner began to realize that everyone thinks and processes...
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