Compare and Contrast Daisy and Myrtle

Topics: Love, F. Scott Fitzgerald Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: May 12, 2011
There are many similarities and differences between Myrtle and Daisy in “The Great Gatsby”. They both liked Tom and they both were pretty but they were different in many ways also. Daisy was rich and Myrtle was lower-middle class. They both were good to Tom to but only one of them liked Tom the most.

Daisy and Myrtle have different styles of how they dress and the makeup they wear. Daisy dresses in pale white contrasts. For example, when her and Nick finally meet at her and Tom’s mansion she is wearing a white dress with white heels. She really likes to dress in white. It seems that while the story unfolds she is always wearing something of a contrast. While Daisy dresses with mostly saturated colors. For example, when Tom and Nick take her to one of Tom’s apartments in town, she is wearing a reddish-brownish colored dress with crimson red lipstick on. Myrtle is a girl who shows she wants to have fun and dresses in just about anything she has. Myrtle show’s Tom love that Daisy rarely shows Tom. Both of them love Tom but Myrtle show’s that Tom means more to her than Daisy.

The girls show that social status doesn’t mean anything to them. Daisy is from a wealthy family and loves Tom due to him being rich and married right away. For example, Tom and Daisy live in East Egg, the richer of the two Eggs. Daisy only wants Tom for his money. Daisy is from a rich family and has money on hand. Myrtle also loves Tom for his money but also on how Tom is attractive to her. For example, Myrtle and Tom are always in town with friends having a few drinks. Myrtle and Tom are soul mates, they were meant for each other. Daisy and Myrtle both love Tom, but Daisy doesn’t know that Tom is cheating on her.

Daisy and Myrtle both share a common comparison. They are cheating on their husbands for the man they are really in love with. For example, Daisy is still in love with Gatsby, when she finally got to see Gatsby at his mansion in West Egg, she was so thrilled to see him. Daisy...
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