Compare and Contrast Canberra with a City in Your Country, as a Place to Live Rise a Family

Topics: Difference, Vietnam, Continental climate Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: November 19, 2011
Those who mention Vietnam do not forget Hanoi, which is similar to Canberra; Both cities are capitals and vital political – cultural centers. They also have similarities and differences in physical as well as in social – economic aspects. The common aspect is the weather which has two typical seasons that are hot and cold. In addition, while Hanoi has a very bustling lifestyle, Canberra is a peaceful city. The prices in Hanoi are really much cheaper in comparison to Canberra. Furthermore, Canberra is one of the cleanest cities in the world with an ideal environment, in contrast, Hanoi has the high scale of pollution. These similarities and differences create special attraction for each city. This essay will compare and contrast Hanoi and Canberra, as a place to rise with a family. With four seasons that is spring, autumn, winter and summer, Canberra has a relatively dry continental climate with warm to hot summer and cool to clod in winters similar to Vietnam. Because of Hanoi and Canberra are capitals of both of Vietnam and Australia, they have substructures better than other cities. Many hospitals, schools, universities have been built in these cities with numerous professionals who have created the best schools and hospitals for families. These cities, which are the centres of entertainment bring interesting activities for families. Many national parks, museums, stadiums and theatres have been built which are ideal cultural environments for children in families. In addition, both cities have National museums, which express the history of each country. There are also exellent places for families on weekends or holidays. Both Hanoi and Canberra have the main stadiums where international football matches have been organized. Additionally, Hanoi and Canberra have a variety of indoor recreational activities such as concerts, the latest films, karaoke and games, which are relevant for music events in both cities which gather the famous artists annually and are the...
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