Compare and Contrast: Call of the Wild Book and Movie

Topics: Kill, Dog, Japanese Spitz Pages: 2 (870 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Buck lives in Judges Millers estate at the beginning of both the book and the movie. He is then kidnapped by Manuel, the gardener. He is sold to dog salesmen heading to Alaska. He is disciplined by the Law of Club and Fang. The man in the red sweater takes Buck out of the cage and repeatedly beats him. Buck continues to try to attack until he is to week to fight. He then learns the law of Club and Fang. Buck is sold and put on a sled team. He learns to dig a hole in the snow to stay warm. He has a fierce rivalry with the lead dog Spitz. Spitz then kills one of Buck’s best friends Curly by ripping Curly’s face up. Buck ends up having multiple fights with Spitz. One of which where Spitz takes Buck sleeping hole and tries to keep it. Spitz gets whipped and sent back to his own hole. Buck and Spits end up in a fight in which Buck is determined to kill Spitz and end the rivalry for good. He then does what he was determined to do and kills Spitz. Buck then takes the lead dog position and gains trust from his team. The team is then taken over by Hal, Charles, and Mercedes. They are amateur sled runners and don’t quite know what they are doing. They end up shooting a dog (Dave), because he was too weak to go on. Buck then leads the team into John Thornton’s little camp setup. Hal was advised by John not to go across the ice but he decides to do it anyway. Hal starts beating Buck and John Thornton threatens to kill him with his rifle. John then takes Buck to be his own. They all fall through, including the team. They are killed and John takes care of Buck, the only survivor. Buck then saves john Thornton’s life a couple times. John and Buck develop a special bond. John decides to search for gold. Buck is in part of a bet made by john Thornton that says he can pull a sled with a fairly large amount of weight. Buck then shocks everybody and pulls the sled 100 yards and wins John Thornton $1000 ($1600 in the book). John is out in the search of gold. He...
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