Compare and Contrast Bodies of Work by Two Artists You Have Studied. in Your Discussion, Address the Significance of Intentions to Their Practise. Chris O’doherty and Lin Onus

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  • Published : November 22, 2012
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2. Compare and contrast bodies of work by two artists you have studied. In your discussion, address the significance of intentions to their practise. The intention of practitioners is pivotal to their practice, these intentions may be different or similar between artists, and two artists whose body of works will be discussed throughout this response include Chris O’Doherty (b.1951) a contemporary Australian artist and Lin Onus (b. 1948 d.1996) a contemporary Indigenous Australian artist. The artworks in which will be compared and contrasted are Chris O’Doherty’s Aussie Jesus series, including “Aussie Jesus at the Football” (1996) available in poster, calendar and t-shirt form and Lin Onus’ three metre mixed media installation “Fruit Bats”(1990) Although both artists are Australian, Chris O’Doherty is an Anglo-Saxon Australian and was raised as a Christian and has a commercial background, as a rock musician he conveys his intentions in pop culture with many of his artworks placed on T-shirts, posters and calendars, an example of this is his artwork “Jesus at the Football”, whereas Lin Onus is not influenced by a commercial background, growing up as a man who had experienced the segregation and assimilation of the aboriginal peoples, Lin onus’ artworks are made to illustrate the loss and hope for aboriginal culture and how it has mixed with western culture, this can be seen in his artwork “Fruit bats” he is an Indigenous Australian raised in Aboriginal culture. However despite these differences they both identify with Australian contemporary culture. In this way that an artist’s world impacts their body of work. Chris O’Doherty’s intentions were directly influenced by him being a commercial artist, as when he was in the band “Mad as Anything” he would design their album covers, and other promotional merchandise, this relates to many of his works such as “Aussie Jesus at the Football” which can be bought in the form of a poster, calendar, and shirts, this is a...
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