Compare and Contrast Between Achilles and Hector

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  • Published : May 2, 2012
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Hector and Achilles
Arthur Schopenhaur, the German philosopher, once said, “Fame is something that must be won. Honor is something that must not be lost.” Greek mythology heroes strived for fame and honor; one way is through achieving success on the battlefield. Two characters, in particular, that won fame and kept their honor is Achilles and Hector. In Rouse’s translated version of Homer’s The Iliad, Achilles and Hector may appear extremely different, but actually have numerous similarities.

The Achaean hero, Achilles, had favor with the gods, acted as a leader in battle, and let his pride surpass his better judgment towards the Achaean army. First, Achilles impressed the gods with his fighting skills, which earned him their help. As Hephaestus forged Achilles’ new armor, he exclaimed, “I wish I could hide him from death as easily when that dreadful doom shall come!” (Homer 224) This shows how the gods, specifically Hephaestus, wanted to protect Achilles. In addition to having the god’s on his side, Achilles encouraged his men by setting admirable examples. Supportively, when Achilles promised his men he “[would] never pause or rest one instant” and would go “straight through the lines,” he conveys hope among his men (Homer 242). Confidently, Achilles believed he could fight off all the Trojans, which helped his men realize their potential fighting abilities too. Because Achilles was a ferocious warrior, he became the Achaean’s role model. Lastly, Achilles had too much pride that overtook the better of him. Inappropriately, Agamemnon stole Briseis off Achilles that lead Achilles to “not help [Agamemnon] with advice or action foe he has wholly deceived and beguiled [Achilles]” (Homer 109). Afterwards, Agamemnon apologized for his actions but Achilles still refused to rejoin the battle. If Achilles were not so proud, then he would have prevented Patroclus from taking his armor and Patroclus’ premature death. With the god’s help, his encouraging attitude...
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