Compare and Contrast: Ancient China and Egypt

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  • Published : September 1, 2012
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Egypt and China were two extremely well developed ancient civilizations. Although similar in many ways, they differed in the way they ran their monarchies, their use and development of bronze metallurgy, and their religious belief and worships. There are many possible reasons for these differences. Egypt and China had similar governments in which they were both monarchies, but the way they were run differed. Although Egypt and China had strong monarchy governments, Egypt developed one ruler, the pharaoh, whereas China had different rulers ruling individual towns that all followed one leader. This led to the downfall of China because the individual leaders, called subordinates, gradually established their own base of power. The pharaoh system in Egypt, however, worked considerably well due to the fact that there weren’t people to challenge the leader. A reason for this may be that the Egyptian ruler Menes rose to power and extended his authority, while the separate towns took over each other and eventually formed one big unified kingdom. China and Egypt are also similar in the fact that they all took use of bronze metallurgy. But although they both used bronze, China was better adapted to it and benefitted more from it. Egypt was slow to develop the use of bronze, and the high cost didn’t allow them to use it much. Bronze transformed China- they made many things with bronze, such as chariots and weapons for their forces. The reason for this may be that China monopolized the bronze industry, so they could buy and use it more than Egypt. Bronze was an important factor in the development of the ancient civilizations. Egypt and China shared joint beliefs religiously as well. They both believed in the afterlife and the thought that there were many gods. Although Egypt and China were both polytheistic societies, china had a strong belief in worshiping ancestors. A reason for this may be that China believed the gods didn’t care about the mere lives of humans, whereas...
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