Compare and Contrast American and Japanes Culture

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  • Published : January 23, 2011
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Japan is one of the many wonders in the world. Infamous for there horrific attack on Pearl Harbor and secluded for most of their time being a country, that is until now. But besides all their mistakes as a country they are a very respectful country and honor their elders. They will do what they are told with out a doubt. They have an honor system and respect each other in many ways, as I will explain to you. Their food base is mainly from the sea, being that they are a bunch of scattered islands surrounded by the sea. The sea is basically a lifeline for them, that is why their most popular servings are fish and rice. In Japan a greeting is a very big deal, if not greeted in the correct manner there will be some issues. It is Japanese tradition that you bow to whom you are meeting. It shows respect and in some cases if you want to apologize it is an apologetic gesture. When greeting someone especially when someone is upholding a higher rank then you it is best if you don’t turn your back on him or her, that is highly disrespectful. Also while walking in a highly populated area you shouldn’t stare into someone’s eyes, that is considered evading someone’s privacy. In addition, many couples in Japan don’t show their affection in public. For instance they don’t hold hands or kiss and hug in public. It is a sign of respect to the bystanders walking by doing their daily routine. It is considered unnecessary to do outside what you do with your loved ones inside your own homes. There is no need to show everyone else that you are dating because it isn’t any of there business. When invited to one’s house it is also in Japanese culture to bring a gift for the homeowner. In some cases the host shall give the guest a gift as well, thanking them for comeing. Gift giving shows that you are thankful for their hospitality and shows appreciation for comeing, but the receiver of the gift shouldn’t open the gift right away unless suggested to. The homeowner also provides a pair of...
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