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What's with the Music?
> Musicians have the freedom to express themselves in their music, but
>when do musicians start to abuse this privilege? There are many different
>styles of music. Most styles try to target a specific group of people. >Country Music, for example, targets (the) white rural population. Another
>example ( )is rap, or ( )rhythm and blues (R&B), which targets
>(the) black culture. Rap is considered to be a very controversial type of
>music, and I can see why. Rap tends to disguise the nasty, inappropriate
>lyrics with a cool beat that most teenagers and preteens love. Rap has >evolved throughout time, starting with the blues. At first, the producers
>wrote their music, but today most of the musicians control their own music.
>In all type(s) of music, musician try to reach out to their listeners, but
>when does the attempt to reach out to the audience start to cause a >problem?
> Rap music today( ) is causing (problems) throughout the United States.
>What started out as a simple attempt to express the African American's >hardships has turned into an expression of greed, wealth, and sex. Today
>everyone is considered equal. Besides the actual pigment of our skin color,
>our biological make-up is the same. The hardships are over, and in today's
>world to get anywhere you must climb a latter to success. Respect isn't
>earned by what happened in the past. To build a nation of leaders, our >music, television, and the easy to access web sites should focus on the
>good old morals( ). They should make it sound cool to become successful
>instead of making it sound cool to have sex. Sometimes when I'm listening
>to the radio, I wonder if I'm listening to porn in the form of rap! > Kids between the ages of eight and thirteen are effected most by rap
>music. They are just beginning to learn the important issue(s) of life. Rap
>music seems to confuse what is right and what is...

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