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  • Published : January 9, 2006
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Disneyland and Walt Disney World are believed to be just two different parks. These two different parks have different locations, different sizes, and even different prices. But if we were to set all differences aside, Disneyland and Walt Disney World share a lot more then just the name "Disney". Disneyland and Walt Disney World share not only the same experience but offer the same fun and safe atmosphere. When comparing the two parks, some start to notice that, although these two parks are different, Disneyland and Walt Disney World also can have a lot in common. Disneyland and Walt Disney World are not just two different parks. Disneyland and Disney world share similarities as far as security. Because wartime brings uncertainty and fear as it poses questions and concerns for people thinking about going to theme parks. "Is it OK to Visit Theme Parks?" Well the answer to that question would be yes! Disneyland and Walt Disney World are "working with federal, state, and local authorities to formulate and refine security plans" (Levine, 2005). The major theme parks have set up screening procedures at their gates. Visitors should expect to walk through metal detectors and/or have their bags searched. Those are the most noticeable security measures. Park representatives say that they have also developed out of sight processes and procedures to assure guest safety. (Levine, 2005). "A friend of mine had an annual pass to Disneyland and went there very often. He said once he saw a group of people engage in a gang fight and pulled out knives. Within moments he said, a group of Japanese-looking tourists complete with flags and huge fanny packs pulled out handcuffs from the packs and detained the gang members."(Hainland, 2000).Security is not just the "bad guys"; security can save the day as well. Security department helps reunite lost children with their parents, patrols the resort and parking areas, and controls backstage access. Disneyland and Walt Disney World both...
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