Compare and Contrast

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While both articles “Understanding Yourself as an Instrument of Change” and “If I Should Fall from Grace ….’: Stories of Change and Organizational Ethics”, use a form of storytelling and narrative to examine the cause and effect of organizational change. The difference is one of the articles looked at it from an individualistic perspective and the other took an organizational approach. Another noticeable difference is one of the articles specifically focused on the effects of ethics whereas the other article touched on a number of topics such as biases, problems or opportunities, style, and feedback. The purpose of this article is to compare and contrast the two articles as it pertains to strengths and weaknesses, theoretical focus, methodology, analysis and results.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The both articles were very well written. However the Rhodes article is clearly a scholarly piece because it takes on all the characteristics of such apiece. The authors and publisher, and the publication date were clearly stated. Whereas in the other article that was not the case, the author nor the publication date was stated. The Rhodes article was published in The Journal of Business Ethics, a scholarly journal, whereas the other was an excerpt from a book placed on a website. The Rhodes article had a clear purpose which was to inform the reader about the research and also provided an in-depth analysis of said research. The article from the website was informational in nature without any in depth analysis. Another noticeable difference is the Rhodes article included bibliography are necessary.

Theoretical Focus

The Rhodes article consisted of a clear theoretical focus. The authors looked at storytelling to examine the implications of ethics within an organization and more specifically its effects on organizational downsizing by conducting research one company, V-Tech. The second article does not contain a main...
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