Compare and Contrast

Topics: Poetry, Frog, In Death Pages: 2 (778 words) Published: April 3, 2011
Compare and contrast the way Seamus Heaney and at least one other poet describe their childhood experiences.

The two poets I am writing about are Seamus Heaney and D H Laurence. The two poems by Seamus Heaney I will be writing about are death of a naturalist and blackberry picking. The poem by D H Laurence I will be writing about is discord in childhood. Death of a naturalist

Death of a naturalist is about Seamus Heaney as a child going to this pond where every year he went to collect frogspawn. The poem is split up into two sections called stanzas. He starts of the poem with some negative imagery to describe the place where he goes. The second part of the first stanza he tell us about how he use to fill jam pots with the frogspawn and all the positive things about this places where he is. He uses childish language as well when he says, “ miss walls would tell us how the daddy frog was called the bullfrog and how he croaked and how the mammy frog laid hundreds of little eggs and this was called frogspawn.” In the second stanza he talks about how the frog all gather at the flax-dam and that he saw lots of them there for vengeance. He is scared by all of the frogs when he says, “ The great slime kings were gathered there for vengeance and I knew that if I dipped my hand the spawn would clutch it.” I think that this frightens him and that is why it he wrote the poem about it.

Blackberry picking
Blackberry picking is about Seamus Heaney when he went blackberry picking. In the first stanza he starts off very positive and describes the blackberries. He tells us how they were grown and describes the feel of them and how they looked and tasted. He talks about the different types of blackberries, when they were red and not ripe, green and still growing and the purple ones that are fully-grown. Heaney then goes on to talk about how they look in his can that he filled with them. In the second stanza...
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