Compare and Contrast

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  • Published : January 30, 2011
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De’Marcus Monroe
AP World History
Dr. Rusek
5 November 2010
Compare and Contrast
The Han, Roman and Gupta empires were all apart of the Classical Period of the world, even though they all were separated by hundreds of miles and years. All of these empires fell, and when they fell that had characteristics that were alike and different. All three of the empires came to a decline because of the Huns. The Gupta and Han empires both declined because of nomads. In the Roman and Han empires both had poor emperors, which helped there empires fall. Roman also fell of plagues. As the Gupta Empire fell Hinduism became the primary philosophy as Buddhism began to die. In the Han Empire Confucianism began to die and Buddhism rose up even more.

The Roman Empire came to an end in 180 C.E. Like the other empires the Romans Classical Period ended because of the Huns. They came in and took Rome away. However, unlike the other empires Rome also fell because of all the plagues that became to come up.

The Gupta Empire fell in the 7th century. They fell due to the white Huns, they moved across the area destructing everything in sight. Yet, When the Gupta started to decline Hinduism started to rise as a main philosophy and Buddhism began to fall along with the empire.

The Han Empire, or dynasty, fell due to the Huns, much like empires hundreds of miles away. However when it came to their Huns they had someone to save them, the yellow Turbans (184-220 C.E.). Another difference between these empires was as it was being destroyed Confucianism was going with it. As Confucianism fell it gave rise to Buddhism in China.

All of the Empires fell because of the Huns and other reasons. They all lasted a long time and all gave rise to great technologies. May they rest in peace.
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