Compare and Contrast

Topics: Nerd, Geek, Steve Urkel Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: November 29, 2010
Rachel Bradford
Professor Warren
English 112
20 September 2010
Nerds .vs. Preps
Some people prefer intelligence to popularity. However, the other few enjoy getting attention for their looks or talents. Which one were you in high school? Did you crave the attention of your peers or did you study every night and day with big dreams to become a doctor, engineer, or biochemical scientist? Being one of the popular preppy kids in high school or a band geek or nerd had their share of success in academics or Homecoming Queen. Bu the both have their struggles.

Usually someone would find them with their nose crammed in a book memorizing the periodic table. Somehow, they made a fort out of books. They only want the best in everything they do. An A minus is unacceptable. In the famous television show “Family Matters” Eddie Winslow was one of the popular kids in school, while Steve Urkel was the brightest one of his class. Urkel always passed up Eddie in academics. Eddie was too busy partying and hanging with friends to focus on school. The so-called nerds have somewhat of an advantage on the popular crowd. In reality some "nerdy” teens have a tendency to be introverted. They do not have very many friends. Unlike a nerd a “preppy” cheerleader or sports star in high school easily makes friends and are noticed more. Geekier or less social people stay to themselves unnoticed. Fashion is one of the most important things in a young women’s life. You usually do not see members of the cheerleading looking like a homeless person with sweats, unless they say “PINK” on the back. Either geeks do not have a clue with what to wear or does not care at all if hot pink suspenders will go with their plaid green shirt.

Attitude can sometimes be overwhelming at times when dealing with these trendy teens. Dweebs do not really have issues with rumors or out of control fights. The latest gossip stories usually come from the cheerleaders. They probably only do this to get more attention...
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