Compare and Contrast

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  • Published : November 8, 2010
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If one was to compare and contrast Football and basketball, he/she would find many similarities and differences. Football and basketball are similar in having uniforms but differ in the number of players and the equipment that is required to be worn. In high school, the most enjoyable part of one’s Friday night will somehow include football and basketball games. Football and basketball are almost always recognized as the most important sports to a school. Contrary to what spectators may think, these two sports take effort by the players. Also in common is that they have to have a ball in order to play the sport. Even though they do not use the same ball, they have to have it to score with. Along with similarities, come differences. What players wear during the game and how many players are on the team is diverse also. To play football, a team must have eleven players on the field. To avoid forfeiting a basketball game, five players must be on the court. The correct clothing for football will include shoulder, knee, thigh, and rib pads, cleats, a helmet, and a mouthpiece. A basketball player does not need all of this protective gear. His/her attire will include tennis shoes, knee length shorts, and a tank top. Basketball and football are two of the most intriguing sports in the nation. They both take time and effort to be successful playing it. Sport games will keep one’s attention and have one sitting on the edge of his seat, but what people do not realize is that all sports, in some way or another, have similarities and differences.
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