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Topics: Rooms, Backpacking, Cost Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: September 27, 2011
A hostel is a temporary accommodation place, which is like a hotel with different kinds of services and a social atmosphere. Adelaide has wide a range of hostels with various qualities. Therefore, travelers have different options when they decide to reside at Adelaide’s hostels. This essay will compare and contrast three hostels in Adelaide which are Our House Backpacker, Glenelg Beach Hostel and Kiwi Lodge. These are compared and contrasted with regard to some details of location, price and self-catering facilities provided.

Firstly, the location is contrasted between all these hostels. Our House Backpacker has the best location. It is in the heart of Adelaide close to the train and bus station as well as Central Market. While Glenelg Beach Hostel is in the centre of Glenelg Suburb near the beachside, Kiwi Lodge is located in the CBD near the Adelaide airport.

Secondly, the price of rooms for each hostel is completely different. All three hostels have shared and private rooms. The cost of the shared room with 10-14 beds in Our House Backpacker is $22 whereas Glenelg Beach Hostel and Kiwi Lodge shared room with about 3-6 beds cost $27 per person a night. However, the private room in Glenelg Hostel is the most economical. It costs $40 whereas a private room at Our House Backpackers and Kiwi Lodge costs $63 and $ 100 respectively. In addition, luggage room is included with the room price of all three hostels. It is clear that the cheapest option is Glenelg Beach Hostel.

The self-catering facilities provided in each hostel are generally similar. All of them have the Internet services, lounge areas, 24-hour hot showers, washing machines, as well as free tea and coffee. Kiwi Londge is the most luxurious as it gives to each resident their own laptop to use during the period of their stay in the hostel. On the other hand Our House Backpacker and Glenelg Beach Hostel have modern equipped kitchens with dining rooms.

In conclusion, the hostels are very well...
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