Compare and Contrast 2 Greek Heros

Topics: Montana, Fur trade, Hudson's Bay Company Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: March 8, 2011
Colter & Drouillard
My first point about Colter and Drouillard is that they were probably loners with no wives or immediate families such as children. If they had wives and children would have they been able to do their jobs as effectively because of distractions such as thinking about them often. Would they have taken the risk they did if they did have families? •Two, their personal characteristics, they were rough looking wore animal hides, had huge beards, and basically had many characteristics as the Natives which probably helped them to blend in at a distance. Also being outside 24/7 with the sunshine on your face will make your skin very tan especially in the winter with the sun reflecting off the snow. • Third the skills that they had as mountain men. They were trappers themselves and excellent marksmanship. It was like they were in their element. What if the guides were city men? Or what we call a tenderfoot. Would have the expedition went as it did or would have there been more challenges than what there already were. I don’t believe it would have gone as smoothly and more men would have been lost. Joseph C. Porter

First, with Maximilian being a Prince did that fact skew any findings on the expedition? I mean with him being Royalty and all would people treat him differently such as when in battle would other try to protect him more than themselves? •2nd I believe the fact that we (white men) introduced alcohol to the Natives altered their judgment and shifted their priorities once they found the effects of alcoholism. •3rd The Natives allowed fur trading post to spring up because of what the white man had, rifles and other weapons, in order to level the odds of the tribes instead of the Blackfeet having the upper hand.

Trappers Post and Priests
I find it interesting that with fur traders setting up shop in region like Manuel Lisa, Jim Bridger, Hudson Bay Company, and the North West Company, Montana had already been explored, mapped,...
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