Compare and Contrast

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Fragment Sentences
Complete sentence must meet three requirements, it has subject, the subject has a predictor and it is not subordinate clause. 1. A subject (the actor in the sentence)
2. A predicate (the verb or action), and
3. Subordinates clause (it a group of words that can stand alone and make sense). Fragment sentences are those that do not meet the three requirements of complete sentence. It may have too many parts or some parts are missing or the parts don’t fit together. These fragments can be fixed by either adding to them in order to complete a thought or by combining them with neighboring sentences. Three ways of fixing fragments

1. Find the predicate
Locate the verb. A verb is the action word in a sentence. Verbs express action, existence or occurrence. To find the verb in a sentence, identify what happened. If there is no identifiable action, the sentence is a fragment. Examples

Fragment: Color papers everywhere.
Complete sentence: Color papers are everywhere in the classroom. Fragment: The richer the community, the tighter the security will be. Complete sentence: The richer the community is, the tighter the security. Some fragments may include verb form but not a finite verb (one that changes form). Finite in complete sentence| verbal in fragment sentence | The baby sleepsThe baby sleptThe baby will sleep| The baby sleeping| The baby sleepsBabies sleep| The baby sleeping|

Fragment: The baby sleeping 8 hours at night Complete sentence: The baby is sleeping 8 hour at night 2. Find the subject
A subject is the noun or pronoun about which something is written. To find the subject of a sentence, identify who or what is doing the action. If there is no subject, the sentence is a fragment Examples

Fragment: Thought about leaving the room.
Complete sentence: He thought about leaving the room.
Fragment: Feeling nervous about the presentation.
Complete sentence: I am...
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