Compare and Contrast

Topics: Impressionism, History of painting, Pierre-Auguste Renoir Pages: 2 (698 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Compares and Contrast
Charez Brown
March 3 2013
Shawn Fornari

Compares and Contrast
Neoclassicism is the restoration of the classical style of art, and literature and architecture and so on. Classical influence spread across Europe around the 1850s. People began to enjoy the harmony, simplicity and proportion that art used to bring back in the old times again. This style represents the great achievements of artists like Raphael, Nicholas Poussin, and Claude Lorrain who worked in the classical times and their works and styles being brought into the 18th century. The great sense of beauty that was in the 16th century has been brought to the 18th century. Paintings also had been portraits of political leaders such as Napoleon in Jacques-Louis David’s painting The Emperor Napoleon in His Study at the Tuileries. Paintings like this would share the artist’s opinion of that figure and even influence our own thoughts about them. In this painting you see Napoleon dressed in a uniform, you also see symbols of things meaning wealth and power, you see a candle to represent how long he’s been working in a day, the Napoleonic code showing Napoleon as a law giver, and lastly a sword that could represent military power all of which are positive things being said about Napoleon.

Impressionism was a style that came from France and as puts it “characterized by concentration on the immediate visual impression produced by a scene and by the use of unmixed primary colors and small strokes to simulate actual reflected light.” Founding members of the movement that was impressionism were Claude Monet and Edgar Degas as well as Camille Pissarro and other artists. Critics saw their work as unfinished and sketch like but as for others they honored its depiction on everyday life. Impressionists work is still commended today for modernity. The Luncheon of the Boating Party by Pierre Auguste Renoir does a great job on showing how an impressionist piece...
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