Compare and Contrast

Topics: Qing Dynasty, Han Chinese, Japan Pages: 4 (1230 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Compare and Contrast - China and Korea

Most American people can’t recognize the differences and similarities between China and Korea. When I came to the U.S, many people guessed my nationality, but most of them gave me a wrong answer. Because of the racial mixture between the two distinctive groups, people can confuse a Korean for a Chinese. Many Americans think that Asians are Chinese because China is well known as the biggest Asian country and has the highest population in the world. Both China and Korea are located on the same continent, but each country has developed its own styles. Both counties have a lot of similarities like as appearances, life patterns, and holidays. However, each country has a unique culture like as language, eating habits.

These two countries are closely related. First, the two countries belong in Asia and their roots are the same. About 5000 years ago, the Chinese Emperor had sent some explorers to explore distant lands. Some stayed and build their new home in the new land and eventually had their own culture. ( ) Both Chinese and Korean people tend to look similar to each other. There have high, wide, pronounced cheekbones, longer faces, longer noses, lighter skin, smaller eyes without the double eyelid, black hair, and irises. Secondly, two countries have the same holidays. They share two of the biggest holidays every year. Chinese and Koreans tend to celebrate the lunar New Year more than other Asian groups. It's a time for renewal, family gatherings, eating rich foods and paying respect to your ancestors and elders. (Alethea 1998) Also, Thanksgiving is by far the biggest and most important holiday. The Chinese and Koreans celebrate their August Moon festival around the 15th day of their 8th lunar month. They believe the moon is brightest and roundest on this day. It is a time when family members from near and far come together to share food and stories and to give thanks to their ancestors for the...
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