Compare and Contrast

Topics: Tell, Meaning, The Reader Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Josue Gomez
Ms. Cobb
English 155
28 November 2012
People everywhere like to read books. I just finished reading two creative stories. Both in which have someone telling a story, but whom and how they tell it makes it more effective. After reading both stories they both had clear details of what the writer wanted to get across. They both had stories that can expand to any ones unique way of thinking. The characters are one way to help support the story and make the story unfold with deep meaning. The characters in both stories have a disadvantage. In the story of the brown dog, the father and son played a huge role. The son being a new generation is more receptive to slavery, and the father being the old generation leaving him insensitive to slavery. The writer included both of them to show how people in the mid 1800’s couldn’t get over blacks being treated equal. Every time the dog was on his back that meant a sign of surrendering. Since people beat dogs and at the time dogs had the same equality as blacks. It only made sense for the reader to include that in his story because they were being beaten by the father and son. If it wasn’t for the dog being physically abused, the dog wouldn’t be relenting as the story tells. As for the Scarlet Ibis the handicap boy is already handicapped and like the dog he was trying to fit in by doing what his older brother was telling him to do. Both Doodle and the dog were in positions in which they didn’t want to be in but still had no choice and bear with it. Because as it seemed like they were both doing thinks they didn’t want to do.

In the dark brown dog story, the writer had most of his attention on the dog. The writer mentions him praying, as we all know dogs don’t pray. The symbolism in that has to depend on each reader. For me it had a real deep meaning, the dog was really a person. As the story shows it was also written around the mid 1800’s right around the end of slavery years. Back in slavery days, around that...
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