Compare and Contrast

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Comparing & Contrast Fresh Foods instead of canned food
Eating is what us humans would love to do we eat maximum three times a day. We live in a world on where we have a variety of foods and we are responsible of what we eat. We make the decision on eating certain types of foods and we know how it would affect our body. I’m compare and contrast the differences between eating fresh food instead of canned foods. These are the main differences are flavor, health benefits, and cost.

The difference of these two foods is their flavor. Fresh food have a great flavor and taste because they keep their natural condition because everything you had put on it is fresh and has natural taste. But canned products they add chemicals to natural food instead of fresh things and that is what makes their taste more nasty. Another difference is the health benefits this affects both fresh and canned food they affect them both differently. Canned food affects a person because they lose their natural flavor and when ever they are making them they put something on it so the food would last longer but if you eat canned foods really often you are on a risk of getting toxic. Another big difference is their cost. Canned food is more expensive than fresh foods. Yet canned food is more expensive sometimes is more convenient to buy because they are more easier to find. And because sometime whenever you don’t have time because sometime whenever you don’t have time you can buy a canned food and just open it and serve it. With fresh food most of the time you don’t have time to go to the supermarket and look for the ingredient and then get home and prepare your fresh food. Well this now you know some of the differences of fresh and canned foods.
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