Compare and Contrast

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Hope is a feeling that keeps a person going. Hope is belief in an optimistic result that is related to different events and situations that occur in a person’s life. Hope implies a certain amount of determination. A person is determined when he or she believes that the outcome of an event will be positive even when the facts that are laid out are negative. This form of hope can be seen through famous people who used hope to overcome their struggles Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with serious cancer that spread throughout his entire body. He had cancer cells that were the size of golf balls in his lungs. Despite all odds, he overcame the cancer and set out to win the Tour de France six consecutive years in a row. Lance Armstrong was not the only one who succeeded because he had hope. Hope is living every day with the mindset that everything is going to be all right, no matter how bad a situation is. The stories “The Last Leaf” and “Mammon and the Archer,” both by O. Henry, show that there is always hope and with hope anything is possible.

When accomplishing certain goals there are many who lose hope because they see negative results. People who do not see success before they set out to achieve their goal give up. There is a point in many journeys that people embark on in their lives, when they get to a point where they feel defeated. Other times, there are people who put so much hard work and give up before they are about to achieve their goal. Some people need to be realistic and realize that it rarely happens that people are successful in achieving their goals. Everything takes time to learn and master and many times the way to learn is by making mistakes and learning from them. Many people who do not have hope from the start still manage to be successful, but not through their own actions. It is the hope of others that makes the ones who are without hope successful. Without hope involved in achieving a goal, there is nothing.

Johnsy, in the story, “The Last Leaf,” loses hope in living. Johnsy at first has hope and wants to do well, but when she sees what the results are in her situation her hope fades away. She tells Sue, “That leaves just four. I want to see the last one fall before it gets dark. Then I’ll go, too” (The Last Leaf 3). Johnsy has a goal of painting the Bay of Naples, but as time goes on her goal seems to fade. ““She- she wanted to paint the Bay of Naples some day.” Said Sue” Johnsy does not see any light for the future of her health. Instead of trying to see a rewarding future with many happy and healthy years in front of her, she affiliates her life to the life of the last leaf on the vine. Even though Johnsy does not have hope of surviving the pneumonia, there is still hope in the situation. There is the hope that the doctor, and most of all, Behrman, have for Johnsy and because of that hope, she recovers from her illness. When there is no hope embedded in a person, all is lost and the will to live can fade away. A person needs that spark of hope to keep him or her going. It is hope that helps people live through all the suffering and pain that life brings to a person. The moment a person loses hope, the very will to live is gone. Johnsy cannot succeed alone she needs the help from Behrman to have hope and her goal.

Many times, a person has a dream of getting something and once something else gets in the way of that dream, everything seems lost. In the story “Mammon and the Archer,” Richard has a dream of proposing to a girl, but because of lack of time his dream look as if it is lost. He tells his father, “There’s no hope of getting a talk with Miss Lantry before she sails” (Mammon and the Archer 3). A person should always believe in their dreams. There are many times that others will try to bring a person down, but that should not get in the way of a person’s achievement. The only time a person will fail is when he or she gives up. Richard so badly wants to propose to Miss Lantry, but he does...
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