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Life in Kenya and in America
Life in Kenya is very different from the one in America. Being immigrate has enabled me to experience this. I have been thinking of Kenya with great nostalgia even though I have been away for only a year. I was even thinking of relocating to Kenya within the next four years as I have investments that would allow me to live a comfortable life for the next ten years and also allow me to live without working for anybody for the same time. In Kenya, a person can be considered wealthy even though he or she cannot be compared to the middle-class in the USA. In Kenya, being wealthy is driving a Range Rover, living in an expensive house, going to the beaching and visiting expensive restaurants in the country. This means his or her family has the highest risk of being kidnapped or carjacked. Living in Kenya as an ordinary Kenyan means that a person is doomed for life as there is no realistic chance of upward mobility. Living in America, whether or not a person starts his or her life in ghetto means that there is still hope for a better life. He or she just has to dream big and work hard. The majority of Kenyans doing well in the United States would probably be search for a job in Kenya even with their university degrees. Most educated people in Kenya are still looking for jobs. Corruption is high in Kenya, so for a person to get a nice job, he or she has to bribe his or her employer. This has also affected the government officers; most of them are not paying taxes but they still want their salaries increased. Kenya is becoming a more tribalistic (a strong sense of identifying with and being loyal to one’s group) society where your tribe matters in almost all aspects of productive life. One tribe believes that it has the right to rule over the other tribal. This has resulted to tribe’s war and betrayal. In United States, being middle class means that a person owns his or her home and he or she live in a neighborhood with security and...

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