Compare and Contract the Giver

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Compare and Contrast
If I had to pick a world over my society and Jonas’ Society I would pick Jonas’s world. The reason I would pick Jonas’s world because one, in our world we get to pick or spouses but yet 50% of the time spouses get divorced. In Jonas’s world we are chosen a spouse by the committee and they will match us with the perfect couple. On page 48, the Committee of Elders could take up to years before they find a perfect spouse for you, which means that there will be no fights between husband and wife. I also think How they create Families in our world are created differently in his World. In our world we get to keep our baby and yet sometimes we can get unwanted babies otherwise in Jonas’ world we get to have one girl and boy but yet apply for it.

There’s only one reason that is I don’t get in Jonas world. On page 44, the page states that when you loss someone you will chant there name throughout the day softer and softer as the days goes by but yet they will replace him with another child with the same name I think that’s somewhat a good idea yet not a good idea. It is a good idea because one, they have a big celebration for the loss but sadly Replaces them. On the other hand, in our world We celebrate our deaths with funerals and memorials and we never see them again. I don’t think replacing someone else in Jonas’ world will literally replace the person who passed away. So, to wrap it off I would rather live in Jonas’s world for a nice healthy drama free life.
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