Compare and Contract Essay

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Bryan Kyaing
Compare/Contract Essay
February 26, 2013
Main principle of a Successful Website in Car Sale Business
In the United States, cars are necessary things for every family especially people who are not live in the city. They need the cars for using their specific destinations such as buying groceries, commuting to works and schools, visiting to relatives because they have very limited transportations. According to a study by Experian Automotive, which specializes in collecting and analyzing automotive data, Americans own an average of 2.28 vehicles per household, and more than 35 percent of households own three or more cars. So, if they want to buy the cars where they are going to start? They have to go to the dealerships to buy the car. But, Jason Buckland said that “the car salesmen are least honest professionals on the earth”. Therefore, people should research the right information on the internet before they buy the cars. There are many car websites that provide the information about new or used cars. However, among all those websites, even if they provide the same services or sell the same cars, some of them are more attractive than others. For instance, the and the are two similar websites; they both provide information about the new and used cars. Both websites are visited very often, but the web traffic volume of the Autos yahoo is two times larger than the Auto trader. So, what makes people choose between those two websites? Appearance, usability and navigation are three main principles in the intensity of any website. These principles make to impress about the company and figure what website people should use for buying the cars. Initially, appearances are very important as first impressions for all websites. Jefferson Hawkins said that “A well-designed website instantly communicates that you are big, stable and successful and that you care about quality”. The Autos yahoo has very simple, clean and bright main...
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