Compare and Conrast Mozart and the Beatles

Topics: Opera, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, The Beatles Pages: 3 (1079 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Brandon Wissmer
Compare and Contrast:
Mozart vs. the Beatles

Mozart and the Beatles both produced their creative works of music in differing time periods, yet both composed and made groundbreaking work; the creative qualities of Mozart and the Beatles are comparable at times yet contradicting at others. Mozart was a rogue in the music world and so were the Beatles. The Beatles attracted people of all ages due to their rebellious and unique style of music at the time where as Mozart was only favored by the people that could afford to hear his work. Both the Beatles and Mozart provoked arrogance and concern from authority figures so they were both popular with the masses of fans and unpopular with authority. A clear difference in creativity was that the Beatles wrote their music, toured, and made albums because they loved music but that love and desire seemed only to exist because they wanted to be famous and successful. Mozart started composing at the age of 5 and made his music and operas because he was inspired, he couldn't help himself and it was an obsession with him to get the music out of his head. He was a genius and although he was recognized for his work, he didn't necessarily write what might have been popular; he wrote what was in his head regardless of its acceptance, Mozart’s creative technique reached out for music's sake and not to appeal to anyone in particular. Mozart was one of the most innovating musical composers and performers to ever exist, as well as composing, he produced a large volume of creative works without any reduction in their quality .Mozart was able to produce such a high number of wonderfully crafted creative works because of how young he started his musical career, his father had recognized Mozart’s uncanny musical abilities and made the unregretful decision to transform him to the late 18th century prodigy. As a composer Mozart had the priceless ability to produce creative works in the form of comic...
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