Compare and Comparison Between the Third Wish and the Monkey's Paw

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King City R-I Elementary
5th Grade Handbook
We are very excited to be a part of your child’s education during their 5th grade year at King City Elementary. We are looking forward to getting to know both you and your child. Please take a moment to read through a few of our classroom procedures within these pages. It might also be beneficial to save this information as it will be useful throughout the year. FRIDAYS

On Fridays we will send home all of your child’s papers, with the exception of problem papers or tests which will come home on any given day. Sending most papers home on Fridays, will allow more time for you and your child to sit down and go over what he or she has been learning in school. Please take time to discuss any strengths and areas that may need improvement with your child. A newsletter will come home on Friday (or the last day of the week if we have a holiday, etc.) with the graded papers. The newsletter will keep you informed of what is happening in the classroom as well as any other school wide information. Grades will be sent home approximately every 2 weeks. This report will include current grades for each subject and any teacher comments regarding behavior and instruction. You will be asked to sign and return within 2 days of receipt.

Please refer to the Elementary Handbook for the policy regarding make-up work or excused absences and/or illnesses. COMPUTERS
Fifth graders will have access to the computer lab so that they can work on their keyboarding, writing, and other word processing assignments. We will have daily computer time during Writers Workshop. CLASSROOM RULES

We will each have our own rules as well as observe the elementary building rules. DISCIPLINE POLICY
The fifth grade discipline plan is a board approved assertive discipline program. It is a systematic approach to discipline which utilizes written lists of classroom rules, consequences for misbehavior, and a reward system for good behavior. Each child’s name will be listed on a sheet that is kept on a clipboard. The clipboard will keep track of excessive talking and behavior issues that may arise each day. Each offense is coded with a certain letter, for example, poor choice of behavior is a B. The number of letters appearing each day for that child will determine consequence given. 1 letter=Warning

2 letters=Walk 10 minutes during recess
3 letters=Walk during Recess and have detention. Parent is notified. 4 letters=Walk during recess and student is sent to Principal. Parent is notified. Any severe behaviors will be sent to the Principal immediately.

Fifth graders will be responsible for keeping accurate homework assignments recorded on their assignment sheet that is provided. The assignments will be posted on the board daily for the students to copy. For at least the 1st quarter of school, we will be requiring a parent signature on the assignment sheet daily. All assignments are due the day after they are assigned, by 8:00 A.M., unless otherwise specified by the teacher. The policy for late work will be: EACH ASSIGNMENT NOT TURNED IN WILL RECEIVE A RED TICKET. THE RED TICKET MUST BE BROUGHT TO SCHOOL THE FOLLOWING MORNING SIGNED BY A PARENT WITH THE COMPLETED ASSIGNMENT. THREE RED TICKETS RESULTS IN A TRIP TO THE PRINCIPAL. THE SECOND TIME A STUDENT IS SENT TO THE PRINCIPAL FOR THIS MATTER PARENTS WILL BE ASKED TO COME IN FOR A MEETING. GRADING

The following grading scale will be used on graded work:
In fifth grade reading, we use a Balanced Literacy Approach. This allows each student to read and have instruction at the level appropriate for him/her. Methods of instruction will include whole group reading, small group reading, literature...
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